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We offer hand-crafted custom designs for weddings and special occasions.  We are installation specialists. Perfectionists. Visionaries. Innovative and dynamic. Based in Southern California.

There's nothing more meaningful and magical than to be a part of a wedding celebration (no matter how grand or more intimate). My passion and mission is to create unique custom designs that will take your breath away (or put a smile on your face). We like to think of ourselves as dream catchers. 

We are driven to design, style and build visual elements all custom to create memories to last a lifetime. Handcrafted to perfection for your special occasion.

With years of experience in the wedding industry and having planned my own wedding, I have been through it all. My passion is to spread creativity through event design and styling and I will always approach your wedding day as if it were my own. 

I cannot wait to meet you and hear more about your dream wedding day! 


Amne Nagamatsu

Founder & Owner